Wednesday 25 July 2012

Holiday Series - Summer Sun Protection

Oh god, I feel like every time I go to write a blog post at the moment I constantly have to apologise for the terrible consistency of my writing. I honestly don't know how people manage to post every day when they are working full time. I wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed. I have no life! Also that darling boyfriend of mine has flounced off to London with the camera so I've taken these photo's on my iPhone, I hope the quality's okay.
It's a little over a week now until I jet off to Corfu for some serious sun worship so I thought I would kick off a little holiday mini series talking about SPF. Remember kids, always use protection.

'Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face' with SPF 30 by Clarins
'Vitamin E Lip Care' with SPF 15 by The Body Shop

Face: For me, I find that on holiday my skin can become incredibly irritated when applying suncream to my face. On previous holiday's I have just used whatever suncream I was using on my body and this has left me with itchy and stinging skin, not to mention it being incredibly oily and greasy. This year I have invested in a purpose built facial SPF in order to give the delicate and easily damaged skin on my face the protection it requires and to also use something that will actually benefit the texture of my skin. Just as important as that is using an SPF lipbalm, I am very prone to dry lips and I am constantly applying balms to maintain a soft base for my lipsticks. To prevent my lips dehydrating and burning on holiday I have purchased the Vitamin E SPF lipbalm from The Body Shop, however I have tried this and I don't find the texture of the product as moisturising and creamy as I normally like in a lip product; It seems to drag along the lips when you apply it. If any of you have any suggestions for a really good SPF lip protector please let me know in the comments as I am more than happy to spend a little extra on something that is going to work. 

'In Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion' with SPF 15 by Piz Buin 

Body: I've tried many suncream brands over the years and Piz Buin is definately my favourite. I find they sink in to the skin really quickly without leaving that horrible white cast over your body and whilst it isn't necessarily the cheapest product on the market, it is very long lasting. I am going on holiday with 3 other girls and we only have 1 suitcase and hand luggage each between us so we are limiting ourselves to taking 1 bottle of suncream each; we can always pick up more at the airport or when we arrive. I am starting to think I should have gone for a higher factor than 15 as I do tend to burn before I tan so I am hoping I can share with one of the girls at the start and we can move on to this one later in the week. 

'Solar Sublime After-Sun Protect Shampoo' by Loreal Professional
'Solar Sublime Advanced Protection Conditioning Spray' by Loreal Professional
'Solar Sublime After-Sun Nourishing Balm' by Loreal Professional

Hair: I think something many people overlook on holiday is protecting their hair. It is part of your body just like your skin so I don't understand why it isn't taken as seriously. Being in the sun dries out your hair and fades the colour so it is really important you take extra good care of it on holiday. I have invested in 3 products from the Loreal Professional 'Solar Sublime' range to stop my hair becoming to dry or damaged in the sun. I will use the spray before sunbathing to protect my hair and then I will use the shampoo and hair mask when I go in on an evening to reimburse any moisture it may have lost during the day. I am also going to take my Loreal 'Mythic Oil' to prevent me looking like Monica from Friends when I go out for food and drinks at night.

I hope this has helped some of you think about what sun protection you need on your holiday, or even here in the UK now were finally getting a bit of sun. I will definitely be doing a 'What's In My Travel Makeup Bag' over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for that and let me know if you have any requests for other holiday themed posts.