Sunday 29 July 2012

Homewares Hunting

Happy Sunday everyone! Today has been the first day of my 2 weeks off work and it has been so needed. Me and Andrew spent the morning at Wetherby carboot sale, trawling the stalls for little house trinkets as we are moving out into our own place in the next month or so. We  have become quite the bargain hunters, we spend hours scouring car boot sales, charity shops and home-ware sales to find the perfect little treasures that will help us create our ideal home. I had some really lovely feedback on my last homewares post so I thought I would show you a few other bits we have acquired over the past few weeks.

I picked up these cute little goodies in a small independent shop called 'Shabby Chic Boutique' in The Queen's Arcade in Leeds City Centre. I'd never really been in before but I was passing and noticed they had a sale on so thought I'd pop in and see what they have to offer. The shop is absolutely TINY, like seriously, I was scared to get too excited in case I over enthusiastically swung my bags around and knocked everything over but it is exactly what the name would suggest, full of "shabby chic" finds for the home. These items were in the sale and cost me under £15 for all 3. I was shopping solo when I bought these so you can see a slightly girly theme with the hearts but they are all harmless little decorative items so I think Andrew will let me sneak them in!

These are the 3 little gems we managed to uncover at the carboot sale this morning. Let me start by saying, me and Andrew have a serious obsession with squirrels...I don't even know where it came from but we love everything and anything starring a squirrel. I'd like to say this is the first squirrel related item weve bought for the house, but I'd be lying. We already have a plate and a HIDEOUS ornament but we just couldn't not get this cute little tin. I think I'll use it for storing lipsticks or nail polishes, it's very old and rusty looking but I just think it adds to the effect. The lampshade was my favourite find of the day and an absolute bargain; it was on the most vile lamp I've possibly ever laid eyes on but it was only £1 and the shade is stunning, it looks just like a Laura Ashley or Cath Kidston print; Im going to keep my eyes open for a plain cream lamp to add this shade to. We also picked up that little silver, rusted lock box for just 50p, it has a really vintagey feel and we're possibly considering having it as a little DIY project to give it an overhaul, let me know if you have any suggestions!

So it's only 4 days until I jet off to foreign fields, I am so excited to get away for a week, I've been feeling so stressed lately so I can't wait to relax and hopefully get a little colour to my pasty skin. I'm aiming to blog every day until I go, it was mine and Andrew's 6 year anniversary yesterday so were going to Harrogate for the night to celebrate tomorrow so I might do you a little hotel tour and OOTN if your lucky ;) It feels so good to have time to blog properly again, sorry if this post has been incredibly rambley, as you can tell I'm just VERY excited to have time off.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying watching The Olympics (or if you're sad like me, Big Brother). What have you all been up to?



  1. I really like the "Squirrel" box, it's so great that carboot season is back in full swing. I hope the weather stays as nice. Hope you have a great time on holiday xx

    1. Yeah I saw on twitter you were going to one too! Did you get anything? Thankyou I cannot wait to get away! xx

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    1. Aww thankyou so much! That is lovely of you :)

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