Sunday 8 July 2012

Summer Holiday Haul

Ok bitches, IM BACK. Sorry again for the absence, to give you a quick run down of my life at the moment I am working almost every hour under the sun as we are incredibly short staffed and this is the first chance I've had all week to sit down and write. I thought id come back with a very picture heavy post showing you all the fashion goodies I've bought so far for my hol next month; if you follow me on Twitter you are probably sick to death of hearing about it. I've mainly been picking bits up in the mid summer sales as money's tight this month what with paying off the holiday. I've tried to include links to all the item's I could find online just incase you fancy making a cheeky purchase for your jollies too. 

(Maxi Skirt - Warehouse - £50) 

Okay so this skirt deffo wasn't in the sale and it deffo wasn't cheap but I bought this as an impulse buy on payday and I am seriously struggling to save it for holiday! It's sooooo beautiful and sheer with a shorter lining inside to protect your dignity; ill most likely be wearing this with a simple black bandeau and a chunky gold collar necklace. 

(Tshirt - H&M - £6.49)

This is probably my sale bargain of the month! The price is just insane and the quality is so lovely. It's from the 'Conscious Collection' which ive never seen before but it is made out of organic cotton; Im going to be wearing this tucked into a casual jersey maxi skirt or just over a bikini when I go to the pool. For reference I'm a size 12 in tops and I ordered this in a 14-16 so it's a bit longer and baggier. 

(Midi Dress - New Look - £22.99)

I love how casual this dress is and the jersey has a really lovely hang to it. I initially bought this for holiday but  I've actually been wearing this for work with my white converse as it's nice and light. Im considering getting this in the red too as I think this is the perfect staple dress for summer and really good value for money.

(Jersey Top - Topshop - £14)

I didn't specifically buy this for holiday, I bought it more for just wearing to work as it's simple and comfy but I'll definately be taking this on hol to stick over a bikini; it is long at the back which is essential for me as I cannot go without bum coverage but it is shorter at the front; ideal if you're pear shaped like me. I can't find this on the website to link it but there was a few colours when I bought it in store so deffo worth checking out if you like your long, slouchy tees. 

(Chiffon Shirt - Barbara Hulanicki @ George - £14)

I was shopping for some house bits with Andrew at Asda Living the other week when I stumbled across this little beauty in the clothing section. It's a gorgeous batwing, chiffon blouse designed by iconic British designer Barbara Hulanicki who founded cult fashion brand Biba. I was tempted to play it safe and go for black but I figured as it's going to be for throwing over a bikini on holiday the bright blue colour would be perfect.

(Origami Dress - Topshop - £20)

Sadly for me I actually bought this dress month's ago at it's full price of £60 but luckily for you it's now in the sale for an insanely cheap £20. I will be 100% taking this dress on holiday with me as It's the perfect flattering shape for any figure, tight around the bust and waist and then flared to skim over the hips. The colour and print is just stunning and there is beautiful origami style folds in the fabric, honestly one of the most flattering dresses I have ever worn. 

(Bikini - H&M - Top £2.99 Bottoms £1.99)

Another H&M sale steal, this bikini is just ridiculous for the price, I mean that's cheaper than Primark!? I love H&M bikini's in general, they are always so detailed and they are always done in seperates so you can buy different sizes in top and bottom as most girl's need to. I love the attention to detail on the strings and the top is lightly padded to give the perfect shape. 

(Bag - River Island @ ASOS - £14)

I've literally had this bag in my saved item for months but at £28 I just couldn't justify spending that on a bag I'd more than likely only use on holiday. So as soon as I saw this had gone down to £14 in the sale and it was low stock I had to add it to my basket straight away. I love anything laser cut at the moment and I can't get enough of the whole neon and nudes trend. I think this is out of stock at the moment but I included the link just in case as ASOS normally has stuff back in pretty fast.

(Sunglasses - Pepe Jeans @ Tk Maxx - £14.99)

I have seriously light sensitive eyes so it's important I get decent sunglasses for when I'm on holiday. I was browsing the shades in TK Maxx the other week and quite a few pairs took my fancy. I spent about 2 hours settling on a £60 pair of Chloe sunglasses I really couldn't afford when all of a sudden I spotted these. I initially thought they were Raybans as they are quite clearly a very similar style, but on further inspection I saw they were Pepe Jeans sunglasses, and whilst possibly not quite as exciting as stumbling across a pair of Raybans in your local TK Maxx, It was love at first sight and I managed to save myself £45. 

(Sunglasses - Zara - £19.99)

I always need to take atleast 2 pairs of sunglasses on holiday as I am incredibly clumsy and forgetful. I saw these in Zara recently and couldn't resist making a cheeky purchase. I always go for brown/tortoiseshell sunglasses, im pretty boring really, so when I saw these had the pink section along the top I thought they'd be perfect for spicing my life up a little bit. 

Pheewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww okay well this has been the longest blog post ever. You can tell I've been desperate to write all week, big congrats to you if you managed to stick this out til the end, total troopers. I have a list of beauty things I need to invest in for my holiday still so expect a blog post on those over the next few weeks and if you have any holiday recommendations do let me know. Im stopping myself from reading the ever controversial 50 Shades of Grey to save it for some poolside drama so I cannot wait to see what all of the fuss is about!


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