Friday 24 August 2012

A Little House Update and a MASSIVE Homewares Haul

So as some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter, Andrew and I went to sign sign our contract this morning and pick up the keys to our beautiful little house! I am so insanely excited it's ridiculous but seeing it again has made me panic slightly, there is so much work to do and not a lot of time and I am such a perfectionist it needs to be just so!

As you may imagine we have picking up a lot of house bits since we found out we'd got our pad (lol) so I thought I'd show you some of my favourite things. We are buying all our furniture second hand, apart from the bed, and "shabby chic-ing" it for that country cottage look I do so love. Not only is it going to look incredibly cute, it is working out to be incredibly cheap as well, bonus!

Andrew's not allowing me to buy any more mirrors, I have 5 now, one for each room! I picked both of these up for under £5 from a car boot sale, sanded them down, painted with a couple of coats of Habitat Matt Emulsion and then sanded again to allow for that "shabby chic" look.

Good quality curtains are SO expensive it's actually ridiculous and I need atleast 6 pairs for the house so I have been really struggling to find any I like that are in budget. I nipped to my local charity shops after picking up the keys this morning and was lucky enough the stumble across 2 pairs I really love. The top pair were £5.99 and are a really heavy striped set which go perfectly with the colour scheme for the bedroom and the bottom are a thick pair of cream linen which only cost £6.99 and will make the living room feel really warm and cosy.

Kitchen Scales - Laura Ashley @ Homebase - £9.93

We picked up these gorgeous Laura Ashley kitchen scales in the Homebase sale for under £10 the other week and they will look perfect in the kitchen which we are painting a muted sage green. They also have them in red if you had a brighter colour scheme, I love looking out for things like this as I think it's these details that make the house more homely.

Vase Set - Ikea - £10

We found this vase set in the garden section of Ikea the other day and instantly knew they were just what we needed to "jazz up" the house a bit so to speak. I think we're going to use the larger one for a plant in the living room and have the smaller one with fresh flowers in on the kitchen table. 

Glass Bottles - Ikea - £2.50 Each 

Neither of us drink hot drinks so we bought these bottles for fruit juices so it looks a little fancier than the boring old cartons. As I mentioned earlier in the post I think it's these little extras that make all the difference to a house. 

'My Room' Sign - Debenhams - £6

'Seaside' Sign - Debenhams - £7.50

I LOVE little signs and trinkets like these, I have quite a few already but these are the newest addition to the collection! The seaside one is for the bathroom as we're having a blue and white nautical theme and was reduced from £15 to half price in the Debenhams sale. The small 'My Room' sign is so cute with the metal detail and will be hung on either the bedroom door or the dressing room door. Andrew's sister Catherine was kind enough to buy us the little 'Welcome' sign as an early house warming present and it will look so cute in the entrance. I haven't linked it as I think it's kind of rude to google presents but it's by the company 'East of India' if you want to look for it yourselves!

I'm Becca and I'm a candle addict. I have been buying candles and cute candle holders like they're going out of fashion but this gorgeous little house shaped tea light holder is my favourite and I got it for a bargain £2.50 from Debenhams due to a little chip on the corner.

Cushions are another thing I cannot stop buying, I think it's a girl thing to just chuck soft furnishings everywhere and anywhere. This floral/striped one I got in the TK Maxx reduced section for £11.99 is my favourite as I love the colours and the fact it's double sided, I think it will look lovely on the living room sofa (when we actually have one). 

Massive well done if you survived until the end of this post, I know it's a long one but I'm super nosey and love seeing how people decorate their house! Please let me know if you know anywhere that'd good for cheap soft furnishings, I still need lots of cushions, throws and curtains and it's really hard to find good quality furnishings at a reasonable price. Where's your favourite place to shop for homewares? 



  1. Cute post - me and my bf moved in to a house last year so I know the feeling of buying new bits, it always seems like a never-ending list! You got some lovely bits I really like the shabby chic look :)
    Good luck with the move! xx

    1. Thanks Kerry :) it's so stressful, I dont know how we are supposed to afford everything, I love hearing other people have managed it though! xx

  2. This stuff is so cute! I can't wait to get my own place now so I can find cute things like this :D

    I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog:

    Terri xo

    1. Thanks Terri :D I know it's so much fun buying stuff but my god I need money everythings so expensive! xxx

  3. I love TK Maxx for home stuff, you get some great bargains. I love the floral cushion, very nice x

    1. I always spend too much in there! I have to buy something le creuset whenever I go, its like an illness, not good for the bank balance! xx

  4. Hey I just shifted in my new Home and searching for home decore stuff,thanks to you Becca savva for such a useful post...want to buy ,furnitures, Kitchen wall cabinet,have you any idea about these stuff?