Monday 13 August 2012

Review - 50 Shades Of Shit

Now this isn't my usual kind of blog post but if you remember a little while back you may recall I told you all I was waiting for my holiday to read the infamously controversial '50 Shades Of Gray', and having done so I feel utterly compelled to write this review. Now from the title I'm sure you can all imagine my feelings towards this "novel", to put it simply it was quite possibly the worst book I have ever read, in fact forget possibly, it was THE worst book I have ever read. 

I don't want you to mistake me for some snobby book worm who only enjoys to spend my time reading the complete works of Jane Austen, I'm quite the opposite infact, but I found 50 Shades to be nothing more than extremely poorly written. On almost every paragraph there is a 'Holy shit', 'Holy fuck', 'Holy crap', 'Crapola'  I mean CRAPOLA?? Come on now, that's just silly. I found the writing style to be incredibly repetitive and don't even get me started on the constant 'My inner goddess...' references. 

Now I'm no feminist but I'd love someone to tell me when it became all good in the hood to glamorise being beaten by your boyfriend? Don't get me wrong, if your into all that S&M malarky then you go for it, enjoy yourself, but when reading the book there are many moments where it just doesn't seem consensual and that's where I really struggled to understand the appeal of the book. I am far from prudish but I actually found some of the sex scenes seriously uncomfortable to read and actually pretty degrading to us women of the world. Girl power and all that.

I'm not going to lie and say the book didn't give me some giggles, there were times I was reading it on holiday and literally rolling around on my sun lounger with laughter. The novel has some seriously hilarious moments, but I do get the feeling they weren't intentionally funny and it was in fact just the incredibly poor use of the English language which led me to my hysterical state.

I haven't read the other two books, and to be quite honest I don't intend to, but I've heard lots of people say you end up loving the mysterious masochist Christian Gray, so don't let me put you off too much. It has clearly been a phenomenally successful book so there must be people out there who love the 50 Shades writing style, but for me I think I'll stick to something a little less 'Crapola'.

Have you guys read '50 Shades of Gray'? 



  1. Totally agree with everything you said. I've subjected myself to the reading of all three (mental, I know).

    I personally thought that the 1st installment was the best and it goes progressively down hill from there, so save yourself the time but skipping them!

    I read books at lightning speed and it took me nearly 2 weeks to finish the last one, I just kept getting frustrated at how much of a wet drip Anastasia is!!!

    Glad it's not just me who doesn't buy into the 50 shades hype!

  2. Haha SO glad its not just me! Was expecting a bit of hate for this post, I know 50 shades is crazy loved by so many people, I just don't get it! x

  3. OMG I love your review! I refuse to read this book!! Haha. There is a site I follow called Forever Young Adult (they review the YA genre) and they have a hilarious review that will make you crack up and snort! Haha You can check it out at here. HILARIOUS! <3

    1. 'I should have listened to: shocked school parents' haha that is hilarious! xx

  4. Oh my god yes, the inner goddess thing pisses me off so much!!

    Kate x