Tuesday 30 October 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

Okay, so I know it's not quite christmas yet but I am getting so excited already it's ridiculous! With it being our first Christmas in the new house, and with money being significantly tighter than usual, we have started buying presents and decorations early this year so we aren't having to sell our bodies when December comes round. We have decorated our house in a country cottage kind of style so we wanted our Christmas decorations to reflect that, we have been buying odd, cute little baubles when we've stumbled across them and once again TK Maxx has become our best friend for quirky little bits and bobs.

These candles smell seriously incredible! I was going to splash out and buy a Yankee Candle or 2 but they are so expensive and I'm not actually keen on the jars they come in and then I spotted these bad boys in TK Maxx. They were just £4.99 and they smell out of this world and so christmassy, I literally want to eat Caramel Apple. Can't wait to start burning these!

You all know by now that mine and Andrew's obsession with squirrels is getting a little out of control. We're going to end up as a weird old couple who can't move in their house for all the squirrel ornaments. We couldn't resist this cute little tree decoration though. Apparently squirrels are in this season, me and Andrew will deffo take responsibility for that!

We picked this gorgeous little tea light holder up from Sainsbury's in their Christmas decoration section. I love how rustic it looks, almost homemade, and I'll be using this all year round so it was a total investment for under £5!

I fell in love with this Christmas wreath in TK Maxx and expected it to be atleast £10-£15 but I picked it up and it was only £3.99! This is going to look so simple and festive on our door. 

We've managed to pick up a really good selection of baubles for the tree so far. With it being our first house I want to start building up a nice selection of different baubles so every year we can add to it and it will be nice and personal. I picked the little individual ones up from a local homewares boutique and the two box sets were from TK Maxx (again!)

On a side note, this week has been absolutely amazing! My cousin Abbi, who you may remember from this post, had her beautiful little baby girl yesterday morning, 2 weeks early, and I met her for this first time today. She is absolutely stunning, like a perfect little doll and I am so happy for Abbi and James, they have an amazing little family now. Lily Tessa Mae Baker was born at 1.56am on the 29th of October weighing a healthy 7.9. I am even more excited for Christmas now!

I'd just like to wish Andrew a Happy Birthday too, he's the ripe old age of 23 today and we've had a lovely day going to the cinema, eating Mexican food, and of course meeting the newest member of the family, beautiful little Lily.



  1. I love posts like this, christmas is my favourite time of the year

    1. Same, I just love that festive feeling! x

  2. I love this post. It features so many unique pieces and I cant believe they are from TK Max! I need to pay this place a visit! Lily is beautiful x such a treasure! @cherrybombbtq http://getthrifty.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. May I suggest some Facebook pages you may like?
    (feel free to take a look then delete this)

    Little Birds Loft for all girlie things
    The Shed for Shabby Chic personalised home decor
    Recycled Glamour for everything handmade from Bracelets to bags
    abd lastly ZagZig Designs I have just purchased a gorgeous pair of pink knitted converse for my friends baby twins!

    1. Aww thankyou yes I'll definately be having a look, of course I wont delete them Im sure they'll be interesting to lots of people :) And thankyou yes shes so gorgeous xx

  4. Aww that squirrel is so cute! I like the look of those candles as an alternative to pricey Yankee Candle ones, if I spot them in my local TK Maxx I'll definitely be snapping them up :D ..Only 56 days til Christmas xxx

    1. Yeah im just burning the Caramel Apple one now its so yummyy! Deffo pick a few up if you get chance, they are so much cheaper and the jar is really nice and simple :) x

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