Saturday 6 October 2012

Top 5 Lipsticks For Autumn/Winter

With my love for lipsticks ever growing, the start of new seasons brings about exciting new lip colours and new trends to try out. Surprisingly, I haven't actually bought a new lipstick this Autumn yet (although Mac-Rebel will be mine) so I've put together my Top 5 Autumn/Winter lippies from the ones already cluttering up my dressing table.

(L-R: Nars 'Senorita', Revlon Lip Butter 'Macaroon', Revlon Super Lustrous 'Spiced Brandy', Benefit 'No Competition', Mac 'Dubonnet')

Apologies in advance for the moody faces and the greasy scraped back hair; it just personally really annoys me when I'm looking for online swatches of a lipstick and all I can see is it on the back of someone's hand. I don't want to see your hand, I want to see your face!

1) Mac - 'Dubonnet

You may recall I included Dubonnet in my 'Top 5 Mac Lipsticks' post back in June when I started my blog and it is easily my favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick of all time. The Mac website describes it as a 'Deepened Claret' and I would definately agree; It is a beautiful dark, wine red that applies super smooth and creamy due to it's Amplified formula.

2) Revlon Lip Butter - 'Macaroon'

I bought quite a few of the Revlon Lip Butters when they first came out in the UK as there was a massive hype around them but I actually found myself to be quite disappointed with most of them. This is one of only 2 I ended up keeping and it is a beautiful dark dusty rose colour with a subtle shimmer. It is perfect for the Autumn and Winter months due to not only it's rich colour, but also it's moisturising formula.

3) Benefit - 'No Competition' 

The Benefit website describes this lipstick as a 'Heathered Plum' and it's amazingly creamy and moisturising formula has made this a firm favourite in my A/W2012 lipstick collection. This is the only Benefit lipstick I have but I love the texture so much that I definately want to add to it and 'Espionage' is next on my list for an even darker berry hit.

4) Nars - 'Senorita' 

Whilst berry colours are the most obvious choice for an on-trend Autumnal lip colour, sometimes the occasion just calls for a nice nude and it's particularly in these colder winter months that I struggle to find a shade that doesn't make me look like the living dead. I bought Nars 'Senorita' online last year and it's taken me until these last few weeks to actually dare to wear it. In the tube it looks incredibly frosty and shimmery, and to be honest, on the lips this does pick up too, but it manages to really warm the skin up and create a fuller looking lip. I LOVE this lipstick and recommend that everyone tries it on before ruling it out, it truly is transforming. 

5) Revlon Super Lustrous -  'Spiced Brandy'

'Spiced Brandy' is possibly the nicest textured dark lipstick I've ever worn. I often find darker lipsticks to be quite drying but this is seriously moisturising and lovely and creamy. I have heard a fair few people saying this is a pretty good dupe for Mac's 'Fresh Moroccan' but having not tried that I can't really comment. I personally find it gives a similar overall effect to that of 'Dubonnet' however this has a fair bit of shimmer in, which normally I would say I'm not too keen on but in this case looks really pretty and perfect for these colder months.

So those are my top 5 lipsticks for these treacherous winter months. I'm thinking of following this up with a similar nail polish post as Autumn is by far my favourite time of year and quite frankly, it's getting me excited for Christmas. Too soon? 

What are your favourite lipsticks for Autumn/Winter?



  1. Great picks they all look gorgeous on you! Just popped the Benefit and revlon one of my shopping list they look perfect for Autumn! xo

    1. Thankyou :) yeah theyre both so moisturising, let me know if you get them and what you think! x

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  3. I have actually never seen Mac's Dubonnet but it is so lovely! I will have to check it out next time I stop into a store. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your blog!