Wednesday 31 October 2012

Winter Warmer Fashion Haul

Me and Andrew nipped into town this morning and as it's pay day I couldn't help nipping into Primark and Toppers to buy a few bits now the weather's got so cold. Talking of Topshop, if you haven't been in to the new store in Leeds Trinity you NEED to go. It is absolutely massive and has all the amazing concession brands we've never had here before such as The Ragged Priest, I had to get Andrew to hold me back so I didn't spend too much!

Tall Flecked Oversized Top - Topshop - £18

I love casual basics like this for throwing on for a long day at work. I always buy the tall option if it's available at Topshop as I love tops that cover my bum and have that oversized slouchy look to them. I think grey is perfect for Autumn/Winter as it goes with all the seasonal colours such as Burgundy and Khaki.

Disco Treggings - Topshop - £30

I love the whole disco pants trend that's been flying round for the past year or so but unfortunately they just weren't made for my figure. I've tried on the real American Apparel ones on a couple of times before and whilst they are of an extremely high quality fabric, they just don't fit right on my pear shaped frame. They are either too tight on my thighs and fit on my waist or fit on my thighs and absolutely swamp my waist! When I saw these Topshop ones I thought it was a much more reasonable price and they seem to fit much more evenly. They are less trouser like and more legging like but as I will be wearing them with a baggy tshirt or jumper over the top I don't think it will be a problem! Just a word of warning, if you are going to buy these I would recommend getting atleast 1 size smaller than you usually wear as they are deceptively big fitting and stretchy!

 Jumper - Primark - £6
Cable Knit Snood - £5

I love this jumper as it's so soft and slouchy and is in a beautiful speckled blue colour. I cannot believe it's only £6! This will be ideal for work as it gets so hot when I'm running around the shop floor but it will still keep me warm enough when it's quiet. This snood was also a great investment for winter as it is in the beautiful oxblood colour that is so in fashion right now and is a lot easier than wrestling around with my big long scarf.

Speckled Jumper - Primark - £10
Fur Stole - H&M - £12.99

Ok so you're probably sensing a theme now, I like oversized speckled knitwear! This jumper is actually from the men's section and has really nice suede patches on the elbow. I really love the Primark menswear as they do really nice chunky knits and baggy printed Tshirts that seem to all be a lot cheaper than the women's section. I bought the fur stole a few weeks ago but haven't included it in a post yet. It seems to instantly glam up any outfit and makes me feel like a Bond villain! 

Legging - Primark - £10
Slippers - Primark - £6
Gloves - Primark - £4
Socks - Primark - £3

The fair isle print seems to be on everything at the moment and I couldn't resist picking up a few cosy winter items in the cute design. I am OBSESSED with pyjamas, I literally live in them at home, so I bought these super soft Christmas leggings to wear in bed as they are so warm! I also needed a pair of slippers as the house is absolutely freezing so I picked up these adorable little booties and some snuggly angora socks to keep my feet warm! The last thing I bought were these fur trimmer fair isle mittens as I think they'll look nice with a plain outfit and were a total bargain for £4!

So those are my winter warmer buys from Primark and Topshop. What have you been wearing to keep cosy?



  1. I love that Primark jumper you got, it looks very Topshop-esque and I can't believe it was only £6! xx

    1. Yeah your right it looks really like the topshop ones! Such a bargain x

  2. I love the red jumper and the snood. They look so cosy. I need more chunky knits!

    1. Ahh I know I just love Autumn/Winter clothing soo much more than Summer! So comfy and cosy x

  3. Love the fur stole! And everything from Primark! xx