Monday 18 June 2012

Everyone Loves a Freebie

Ive seen loads of bloggers over the last couple of weeks going crazy for the Benefit freebies in this month's Glamour Magazine. Now personally, I NEVER buy magazines, the insane amount of advertisements and the fact I can rarely afford any of the items they actually feature in their glossy pages mean it just seems like a massive waste of money to me. I much prefer reading blogs or watching YouTube videos as they are real people's opinions, more often than not, talking about products on the great british highstreet.

However, when I heard there was a chance for me to snap up a sample of Benefit's 'The Porefessional' for merely £2 (and with a free copy of Glamour magazine haha) I had to jump at the chance. Having oily skin I always need to use a primer under my foundation but with a £23.50 price tag, and my extremely sensitive skin, its not the kind of thing i'd want to jump in and buy without testing first. So off I tootled down to my local Co-op and was lucky to find the magazine shelf well stocked with all 3 free gift options of Glamour. Having tried 'Bad Gal' before (The mascara) and being distinctly unimpressed, I decided to pick up the 2 primer editions which featured 'The Porefessional' and 'That Gal'.

Whilst browsing further down the aisle I also noticed that Marie Claire were offering a free Ciate nail polish worth £9 for the cost of their £3.70 magazine. There were 3 shades to choose from 'Jelly Bean' a hot pink shade with a subtle blue shimmer, 'Bon Bon' a mauvey looking pale pink, and 'Purple Sherbet' a very creamy pastel lilac. As tempted as I was to buy all 3, my excessive nail polish collection already contains a number of pastel purples and a wide array of muted pinks so I settled with 'Jelly Bean' and dragged myself away to the till where the cashier kindly chirped 'You do realise 2 of these are the same magazine don't you love?' to which I hung my head in shame and nodded 'I know, I just want the freebies'.

So now on to what I actually think of the products. I'll start by saying I completely LOVE the nail polish, I never go for bright's so im ecstatic (Yes im really that enthusiastic) I pushed myself out of my comfort zone slightly and went for this bold fuschia shade. It applies like a dream, is completely opaque in 2 coats and hasn't chipped for  3 days, which for my flakey nails is somewhat unheard of. You can see swatches of this nail polish in my upcoming 'Top 10 Nail Polishes for Summer' post.

As for the Benefit products, I think both are nice but neither impressed me as much as I was expecting from all the hype surrounding them. 'That Gal' works well enough as a suble cheek highlighter but personally I didnt enjoy the way it made my skin feel as an all over primer. The Porefessional I do like, however, after wearing it all day at work under my usual foundation, I felt it did no better job than my current 'Lumi Magique' primer from Loreal, and at more than double the price, I wont be purchasing the full size.

Did you purchase this month's Marie Claire or Glamour Magazine? What freebies did you choose?


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