Wednesday 27 June 2012

No7 Haulin'

Those pesky £5 off vouchers, they always catch me off guard. I had somehow managed to acquire two over the past week so when I was in Boots this afternoon I felt obliged to use them, you know how it is. Im going out this weekend and im totally out of fake tan so my initial plan was to just use one and get myself a new bottle of the orange stuff but £30 later here's what I ended up with...

Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal/Oily Skin
Quick Dry Tinted Lotion in Medium/Dark
Nourishing Lip Shine in Pink
Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 'Lucky Lilac'
Free Gift

I've never tried a no7 fake tan before, but whilst I had the voucher I thought why not give one a try; I normally flit between good old St Moritz and the Superdrug Solait lotion so I was fancying a bit of a change. I chose the 'Quick Dry Tinted Lotion' as they didnt have a mousse option and im not a big fan of sprays so im hoping it gives me the desired glow; ill be sure to let you guys know if I like it.

The sales assistant informed me that when you spent £25 (including your voucher) you got a free goodie bag and I am SOO weak that I thought 'why not?' and went for it. Id like to point out at this stage that I have no money and have no idea what I was thinking. I mean who do I think I am? Anyway, the first thing I knew I had to get was the nourishing lip shine i've heard so much about. I was hoping they'd have the peachy shade but alas, it was not meant to be and I picked up the pink. I also bought the cleansing water for normal/oily skin as no matter how much I wash my face my eyemakeup just does.not.budge so im hoping that will do the jobby. Finally, to get it up to the £25 mark I picked a nail varnish as it was the cheapest thing going and I bought the shade 'Lucky Lilac' which is a gorgeous pastel lilac colour, as you would expect.

So now on to the all important free gift. I didn't actually bother to look what it was until I got it home because I just heard 'free' and thought 'well okay then!' but ill start by saying im actually really pleased. To begin with it all came wrapped up in a cute little makeup bag which ill deffo be taking on holiday with me next month but the winner for me was easily the 'Exquisite Curl' mascara which I have heard so much about and I cannot wait to try out. I struggle to find mascara's I like and frankly I just hate buying them so that makes life a lot easier for me. There was also a mini 'Liplicious' moisturising balm in the shade 'Sweet Peaches' which I really like the look of and a sample of the 'Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser' which im excited to try; im a HUGE lover of foundations and base makeup in general. The other 2 freebies didn't excite me as much, they were a mini serum and a mini body wash, BUT THEY WERE FREE, so who the hell cares?!

When I paid for all this she gave me ANOTHER no7 voucher, do these people not understand it's hard for me to say no?? My friend literally had to drag me away from the counter. I think I need help. Have you guys been taking advantage of the no7 £5 off vouchers?



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