Monday 25 June 2012

Lipstick Series Part 3 - Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks

For the final installment of my lipstick mini series i'm going to be talking about my favourite "drugstore" lipsticks. I find it weird saying drugstore as we don't really call them that over here in the UK but I thought id go with what the majority of people will know. I remember once when I was about 8 I was in town with my dad and he needed to buy something from Superdrug and I was SO scared we were going to be arrested for buying drugs I started crying...Anyway enough of this trip down memory lane, lets dive straight in to the top 5 (In no particular order).

 (L-R Revlon Lip Butter 'Tutti Frutti', Revlon 'Smoked Peach', Topshop 'Infrared', Revlon 'Pink in the Afternoon' Rimmel 'Spotlight Beige')

1) Revlon Lip Butter 'Tutti Frutti' - Revlon lip butter's have had so many rave reviews and whilst I can see why, there are certain factors im not 100% convinced on. This shade however is just perfect. As I have mentioned plenty of times before, I LOVE ORANGE. This is a lovely sheer wash of colour on the lips and is ideal for daytime wear when you want something a little more toned down. It is lovely and moisturising as ive found to be the case with all the lip butters ive tried and this one doesn't contain too much shimmer which a few of them do.

2) Revlon 'Smoked Peach' - As you can probably tell Revlon are by far my favourite high street makeup brand. Smoked peach is the most unique, stunning true peach shade and is easily in my top 5 favourite lipsticks OF ALL TIME (du du duuuuuh). This is a matte lipstick but I have the world's driest lips and this is fine for me, nice and creamy and really smooth. I would rather have this over any of my high-end lipsticks anyday and that's really saying something.

3) Topshop 'Infrared' - Ok ok, now I know I bigged up smoked peach just then but this is just something else. This is the most amazing orange/red and easily my favourite lipstick to wear, and dare I say it, my favourite lipstick of all time. The formula is so smooth and moisturising with a hint of glossiness and for the price I cannot recommend Topshop lipsticks enough. This is a real attention grabbing lipstick and I get so many compliments when I wear it. YOU NEED THIS LIPSTICK IN YOUR LIFE.

4) Revlon 'Pink in the Afternoon' - Another entry for Revlon, shock horror. This is the perfect daytime pink. Simple as. It's super flattering, possibly the most moisturising lipstick i've ever used and it has excellent pigmentation.

5) Rimmel 'Spotlight Beige' - This is such a nice nude; its a pinky brown and not too light so it's ideal if you have highly pigmented lips like me or are slightly darker skinned. It's from the Rimmel 'Moisture Renew' collection so as you would imagine it isn't at all drying and is really easy to wear. Sadly I think this shade has been discontinued but it's pretty easy to find online and shouldn't cost you more than a couple of quid.

I don't have tons of drugstore lipsticks I love but the few i've found are easily some of my all time favourites. I can't recommend Revlon and Topshop highly enough if you're looking for highstreet lippies. As you are well aware I am always looking to expand my lipstick collection (naughty naughty) so be sure to let me know what your favourite highstreet lipstick is!


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