Wednesday 20 June 2012

Lipstick Series Part 2 - Top 5 High-end Lipsticks

As I mentioned in my Mac lipstick post, I love lipsticks blah blah blah. High-end lipsticks don't take up a big proportion of my collection however, ive found cheaper formulas I really love (such as Topshop) so I am reluctant to spend the best part of £30 on one lipstick when I could have several for the same price. I do have a few I am very fond of though and im not going to lie, I do get a little thrill when I splash out on a pricey lippy, sad I know. So here, in no particular order, are my top 5 high-end lipsticks.

(L-R Estee Lauder 'Crystal Nude', Clarins 'Tender Rose', Chantecaille 'Aurora', By Terry 'Sweet Mandarin' Illamasqua 'Scandal')

1) Estee Lauder 'Crystal Nude' - I hear loads of bloggers and YouTubers talking about Estee Lauder's 'Crystal Baby' but this is not one I ever find mentioned. I have quite naturally pigmented lips and therefore find it quite difficult to find a nude that doesnt look weird on my lips, and doesnt wash me out. This is a gorgeous nude with just the right balance of pink and beige and the glossy formula is perfect for my constantly dry lips.

2) Clarins 'Tender Rose' - I dont normally go for baby pinks, shades that are more peachy or corally tend to suit me more, but Tender Rose is the perfect pink for my complexion. It has excellent pigmentation and it stays put on the lips for a long time which is rare for me to find.

3) Chantecaille 'Aurora' - I love the formula of these Chantecaille 'Lip Sheer' lipsticks as they are very moisturising which is one of the main things I look for in a lip product. I find this colour to be possibly the most boring lipstick I own on first look, however when I apply this to my lips something magical happens and it is the most stunning browny-coral colour which really brightens up my skin if im having a dull day. Also when I bought it, it came in a little velvet pouch, what's not to love about that!?

4) By Terry 'Sweet Mandarin' - This for me is the PERFECT light peachy coral. I love love love love love orange lipsticks and this is the ideal one for day or night. The formula is so creamy and pigmented and goes on incredibly smoothly and the packaging is just to die for!

5) Illamasqua 'Scandal' - As a rule I stay as far away from matte lipsticks as possible. As ive already mentioned a bazillion times in this post I get very dry lips and matte lipsticks are notoriously dehydrating; I think I only own three in my whole collection, this being one of them. I can honestly say this is the creamiest lipstick I have ever used, as I think you can tell in the swatch above, and this bright pink hue is the classiest looking pink ive ever tried; this literally looks so expensive on the lips! So if like me you tend to stay clear of matte lipsticks, id deffo give the Illamasqua ones a shot.

I hope you've enjoyed the second part of my lipstick series, you can expect the final installment shortly! 


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