Friday 15 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

After a not so whirlwind romance of almost six years me and my boyfriend Andrew have finally decided its time to take the plunge and move in together. I'm back from studying in Sheffield and the tenancy on his current flat runs out in September so it seems to make perfect sense to find our own place. We have decided that each month we will stock up on some of the house bits we will be needing and have started to build up quite the collection.

Now I don't know if this is just me but the cost of homewares seem to be insanely high; I just can't justify spending the best part of £50-£100 on a set of bedding that will blatantly end up covered in fake tan and mascara, or £30 on a candle that will no doubt give me a banging headache. Whilst I am happy to splash the cash on certain things, decorative house items just aren't one of them, and when you can find them so cheap if you really search, why bother?

My current favourite places to shop for little trinkets and treasures are definitely charity shops, or 'thrift stores' if you reside on the other side of the pond. Whilst you do have to be willing to put time aside to scour the shelves of these shops, and believe me I am well aware how tempting it can be to walk in then walk right back out, this is a small price to pay (literally) for the gems you can find if you really put in the effort. Below are some snaps of a few of my favourite finds.

We aren't 100% decided what we're going to use this cute little parmesan tin for, if you have any suggestions do let me know, but for £1.50 we just couldn't say no! It has a really sturdy little lid and I think it will fit in perfectly with the whole 'Shabby Chic' (god I hate that phrase) feel we are going to be going for in our new home.

I spotted this little wire rack in the window of a charity shop in Wetherby and it was instant love, our eyes met across the busy road and I just knew it had to be mine. I think this will be perfect for storing my perfumes and skin care bits on my dressing table and whilst not being the most masculine item, for £3.50 even Andrew couldn't argue.

One thing we have been finding surprisingly hard to find is a nice oven glove, who knew they were so scarce? We found this one in the same Wetherby charity shop and I just love the simple design with the super cute patchwork applique. I would have happily paid up to the £10 mark for this little beauty, but for just £2 it was an absolute bargain.

I really hope you've all found this useful, I can't recommend highly enough getting down to your local charity shops or thrift stores and having a good browse, you might just be surprised what you can find.



  1. You have picked up some lovely bits :) I love things that have a vintage vibe to them. How about using your tin for crackers to go with the cheese or a biscuit tin or cotton balls etc

    1. Oooh crackers yes I like that idea, I am a MASSIVE cheese fan so that would be perfect thankyou! x

  2. that is so gorgeous! Really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thankyouu! Yes of course ill go check out yours now :) x