Saturday 16 June 2012

Lipstick Series Part 1 - Top 5 Mac Lipsticks

I LOVE LIPSTICKS. Some people like nail polish, some people like blusher; my thing is definitely lipsticks (I like them all but ya get what im saying). I decided I wanted to do regular posts on my makeup and skincare 'Top 5's' and the logical place to begin was most certainly, without a shadow of a doubt, lipsticks. However when I sat down to peruse my larger than necessary collection I realised this was going to be a feat far too large for the likes of me. Because of this I have decided to split my lipstick post's into three; a mini series if you like (Oooh), of mac lipsticks, high-end lipsticks and high street lipsticks.

I have started with my top 5 favourite Mac lipsticks as in my opinion, they are by far the most superior brand in terms of quality and colour range. Before we dive in i'd just like to give an honourable mention to my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LIPSTICK, Mac's 'Fanfare' which would most definitely be making its screen debut in this rambley blog post if it wasn't for the fact I left it in the draw at work and it had melted into a sticky mess. Heartbroken. But without further ado, here are the fab 5, in no particular order, that managed to make the shortlist:

 (L-R Dubonnet, Ravishing, Creme Cup, Costa Chic, Shy Girl)

1) Dubonnet - This was my first EVER Mac lipstick and one that holds a special place in my heart. It's an amplified finish in a deep, berry red; very vampy and perfect for the autumn/winter months.

2) Ravishing - The latest addition to my Mac collection and easily my current fav, Ravishing is a cremesheen finish so lovely and moisturising. The website describes it as a 'clean light peachy coral' and this is the perfect every day shade, one I wear frequently at work.

3) Creme Cup - One of the most well-blogged about Mac lipsticks, I wasn't actually keen on Creme Cup at first as it can wash me out, but with a tan this is a gorgeous nudey pink colour, again in a cremesheen finish, that looks perfect with this summer's pastel trend.

4) Costa Chic - Being a frost finish, I thought I wouldn't like Costa Chic but after hearing so many positive reviews I decided to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and purchase the hot coral hue. I don't actually find there to be too much shimmer and the excellent length the colour hangs around on the lips means it is a definite worthwhile investment.

5) Shy Girl - Shy Girl is another cremesheen, by far my favourite formula from Mac, and a much more wearable nude for my skin tone than Creme Cup. A beautiful peachy colour that looks perfect with a brown smokey eye.

Im always looking to expand my collection so do let me know what your favourite Mac lipstick is!


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